What is the best sleeping position to increase your length ???

Dr. Garg said that 30 percent of the country's population suffers from sleeplessness. Now people are being made aware for good sleep. He described sleep apnea (snoring at bedtime) as the root of many diseases.

He said that more than 80 diseases are caused by sleep problems. IMA President Dr. Kiran Pandey said that pregnant should also get adequate sleep. If his sleep is not complete, the child's development will be blocked. Less sleep increases the risk of Caesarean.

Somatotropic hormone is also called growth hormone. When a person is in deep sleep, the pituitary gland of the brain becomes sleep active. Growth hormone is released from this gland.

Take sufficient amount of sleep to increase height

Do you know that when we sleep or rest, our body slowly grows, along with the tissues that are present in our body, they regenerate which is our body It is very helpful to increase the length, so we should sleep for 8 to 10 hours daily.

 Sleep 8 to 10 hours daily

Always sleep directly at bedtime

What is the best sleeping position to increase your length ???

The best sleeping position to increase your height is on the Solider side and left side.
The best sleeping position to increase your height is on the Solider side and left side.

1 Sleeping left side is very good for your physical health. It does not put much pressure on your heart, and it is able to function better. So that you can stay healthy for longer.

2 In this way oxygen flows properly with the blood to various parts of the body and the brain, and all the organs of the body remain healthy and function well.

3) By sleeping on the left side, blood circulation in the body is better and sleep is also good. In this way you'll not feel tired after getting up to sleep and stomach problems also will be solved.

4 If you often have constipation in the stomach, sleeping on the left side can relieve constipation. Due to gravity, the food reaches the small intestine very comfortably and it is easy to clean the stomach in the morning.

5. To prevent diseases
Sleeping on the left side reduces the risk of many diseases. This removes the accumulated toxins in the body. Kidney is the work of removing these toxins and other unusable things from our body and sleeping on the left side does not put pressure on them.

 6. For chest irritation and sour belts
If you have acidity and chest irritation then sleeping in this position will be especially beneficial for you.

Does sleeping on your back make a difference?

Sleeping on the back is an ideal position. First of all, it does not put pressure on your facial skin, which reduces skin problems like fine lines, skin flattening and keeps your skin young and soft. By sleeping on one side or sleeping on the stomach, body fluid gets deposited near the eyes due to which the eyes feel swollen but this is not the case when sleeping on the back. Apart from this, your face is not touched by the pillow cover in this position, so that oil and dirt do not reach the face. In such a situation, it is good for your skin and face that you sleep on your back.

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What is the best sleeping position to increase your length ???